Recruitment Coordination

If you’ve been through the process of finding the perfect candidate, we don’t need to sell you on this one. Simply put, we take care of it all.

recruitment coordination
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Our expertise

Our roots are in residential construction, but we’ve grown far beyond that. Joii social enterprises now range across an array of industries, including back-office work, manufacturing and landscaping.



Drafting &

Recycling &

& Fencing


  1. Enter and submit the form.
  2. We’ll get back to you, usually within one business day.
  3. We’ll conduct all the background work to map the market.
  4. We’ll hunt, search and shortlist the suitable candidates.
  5. We’ll arrange interviews based on your selection of candidates.
  6. We work with you and the candidate to finalise the contracts.

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What will this cost

my business?

Our goal is to drive costs into the ground. The costs of our recruitment coordination can depend on whether you prefer us to use external, specialist recruiters or whether you wish for us to fill the roles. In many cases, we are able to source candidates from within our own labour pool, saving both time and money.