About Us

We believe every person should have access to safe and secure housing and employment.

Who is Joii?

Joii Ltd. is a Public Benevolent Institution with Item 1 Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. Joii has been established in response to the strong vision of its founders, to address the deep problems of homelessness and housing affordability in our nation.

Our Story

Joii Founded

Joii was co-founded by Jared and Rob Harder in 2017.

A Charity with a Difference

Instead of relying on donations, Joii has created several social enterprises - real businesses that generate profits - all of which are used by Joii to support our social impact projects

Housing Focus

A home is key to so many other aspects of life including employment, sustained family life, physical and mental health and as a means of overcoming inter-generational poverty.

Addressing Unemployment

Joii is committed to providing sustainable employment pathways to all Australians.

Financial Education

Improving financial literacy is a key component for fighting poverty and helping Australians achieve financial freedom

Strength Through Partnership

Joii understands that it can’t do it all, so it believes in partnering with other like-minded organisations so that together we can make a real difference in individual lives and the broader community.
#Better Together