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Not For Profit

The Joii Employee Ecosystem
Joii operates a holistic and integrated
employment ecosystem, encompassing
employment, housing, financial, social
and emotional wellbeing.
A System That Works
This meets the aims of the charity,
it also serves to improve
performance and retention
of the existing workforce.
Promoting This Philosophy
as well as provide a platform
to promote the Joii
employment philosophy to
other businesses

Hassle Free Staffing


contact Joii and provide position details and preferred short list numbers

JOII WILL Finalise position description and advert, post and manage the advert, short list candidates & organise interviews.


meet the candidate, interview and then advise Joii of preferred candidate & start date.


  • Organise any required medical and reference checks.
  • Organise all the paperwork and letter of engagement.
  • Manage general induction.
  • Advise you of the start date.
  • Handle payroll and other legal compliance.
  • Answer any questions you may have and assist where required.


Induct and onboard the staff member in your business systems on their first day, week and ongoing.

JOII WILL Provide ongoing support to the employee and manage any performance and other ongoing HR and compliance matters.


Case Study

ABC Ltd employs “Bob”.  Bob earns a salary of $60,000 plus $5,700 super at the legislated rate of 9.5%

ABC Ltd also pay on costs such as payroll tax, workcover, public liability insurance & payroll costs (@3%) of $7,200

Therefore to employ Bob, ABC Ltd’s total investment is $72,900

Of this Bob receives $65,700

Alternative — Joii Labour Hire

Bob is employed by Joii and is hosted by ABC Ltd. ABC Ltd continue to manage Bob on a day to day basis, but have Joii’s expert assistance to help manage the relationship and ensure the relationship is optimised to achieve the best overall outcomes.

Joii charges ABC Ltd the same $72,900 but take on the risk of the employment relationship and manages the day to day functions such as payroll, return to work,  leave application systems, etc.

However, because Joii is a charity, Bob gets an opportunity to receive some of his income as ‘tax free’ as well as a range of other benefits. At no cost to ABC Ltd Bob’s overall pay goes up to around an equivalent of $68,000

The great thing is that as Joii pays less taxes, Bob’s employment also supports the vulnerable in our community. All tax equivalents and tax savings go directly to charitable work helping some of the most disadvantaged in our community.

A social enterprise that’s creating opportunity where both your employment and what you do make a difference.

Joii believes that employment and training are the foundations to break the cycle of poverty

For employment and training to effectively reduce poverty, jobs must be available to all members of society. Additionally, people in the work force must possess or be trained in the skills necessary to perform the work to make them employable.

Joii aims to become a significant provider of employment and training to various commercial and not for profit organisations through its own social enterprises and employment programs with a view to offering work to those who are financially struggling, in need or require training for long-term employment.

For Joii, being “vulnerable” is not just about being in poverty or crisis, we will continue to work with people until they reach a point where they are self-sufficient, and in a position to give back to others.