Reduce tax & increase your employees' take home salary!

Join JoiiPeople and redirect the tax employees normally pay back into your employees’ pocket and into your local community.

How it works

JoiiPeople is a not-for-profit organisation.

This allows us to operate on a PBI business model where each employee pays less tax which results in:

Join the JoiiPeople Payroll

Increase Employee take-home pay

Increase Employee Superannuation

Access Additional Employee Discounts

Access HR, Payroll & Admin Support

Socially Responsible Contribution

Business benefits

Enhance your employee value proposition, gain ongoing expert support in human resources, payroll & admin services – all while doing your part to give back to your community.

Employee benefits

All employees who join JoiiPeople will receive an increased take-home pay & super as well as access to a range of additional benefits.

Increased take-home pay & super

This is John.

John is an executive assistant.

John currently earns $60,000 per year + super.

After joining Joii, John’s salary instantly increased and he now receives $4,401 per year extra! *

Current salary:
Joii Equivalent salary:

The increased take home pay calculation is based on an employee utilising all available benefits, including a novated leased car valued at $28,000. Noting that each individual staff members personal financial position is different which may affect the additional monetary benefit received.

Access to employee benefits program

In addition to increased take-home pay and superannuation, employees will also receive access to a benefits program that includes meal & entertainment discounts, novated car leases and extra salary sacrifice options. 

meal discounts

entertainment discounts

novated car leases

salary sacrifice options

Engage your employees and give back - at no extra cost!

Joii is a not-for-profit business. We are committed to giving back to the community through providing relief to those experiencing poverty & distress both onshore and offshore.

Hear from happy employees

Cassandra Meyers, National Marketing Manager

Privium Group

I honestly love that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of JoiiPeople. It’s more take-home pay, plus both my husband and I have cars on novated leases, which has meant we have been able to afford better quality vehicles.

Reduce tax & increase your employees' take home salary!

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