Who is Joii?

We’re taking an entirely new approach to charity! Joii is all about helping vulnerable people. We don’t encourage donations, instead, we set up social enterprises, which create sustainable, lasting impact.


What we do


Joii has a range of qualified, experienced and trustworthy tradespeople to deliver your residential or commercial projects.


Employment doesn’t just provide an income it provides a purpose. We work with a range of industries to provide top quality employment services including labour hire, IT support and legal advice.


Joii Home Loans are here to support you on your journey to owning your own home, with a range of products that you don’t get from the big banks.

Joii's social impact

Joii’s Second Chance program
Very proud of the Joii team and the huge effort that has gone into getting this program underway.

The new program has taken an exciting step forward. Joii placed our first employee with a host through our Second Chance program. Moving from long term unemployment to working in a real job with a host employer is a life transforming journey for the program’s participants.

With an ongoing support network provided from the profits of our Social Enterprises, we are confident that this step forward will be part of a permanent change in the participants lives.

A big thank you to the many businesses who choose to use the services of Joii’s Social Enterprises. Not only are they receiving quality goods and services at competitive prices, but they are helping support programs like this and therefore changing our world one life at a time.
One of our Social Enterprises achieving a great result for their customers.
Approved – Next Step Construction

A big thank you to our friends Fluid Building Approvals

We now have our approvals in place and candidates selected and we are ready to get the construction underway.

Over the past month or so, we have been encouraged by the enthusiasm of the partnering contractors and suppliers for our Employment through Housing project. We are asking them to work a little differently and for their staff to train and inspire the four trades assistances we will have on-site. Helping them to learning trade and life skills and moving them from long term unemployment to a secure future in the construction industry.

Joii is on a mission. By making the decision to use Joii to provide services for your business, not only are you receiving quality goods and services at competitive prices, but you are helping change our world one life at a time.