Joii Carpentry – A Joii Social Enterprise

News 3 min read 2nd May 2024

Joii Carpentry is a Joii Social Enterprise that services South East Queensland on a range of new residential builds and commercial projects. 🏠🏢🏗

Led by Troy Newy, the team at Joii Carpentry are known for delivering high quality carpentry services to some of the largest builders & construction companies in the industry and have an exceptional track record of delivering on large scale townhouse projects, specialising in steel and timber framing and (loxo & hebel) firewall protection installations.

Joii Carpentry pricing is competitive across their comprehensive service range, and can cater to projects of all sizes, but what sets them apart is their commitment to making a positive impact in the community as 100% of profits go into funding our Social Impact programs (like the Second Chance Program) that create opportunities for prison leavers, long-term unemployed, youth at risk, and other disadvantaged. 🥰🙌
Joii Carpentry

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