Workforce Sectors



Not For Profit

The Joii Employee Ecosystem
Joii operates a holistic and integrated
employment ecosystem, encompassing
employment, housing, financial, social
and emotional wellbeing.
A System That Works
This meets the aims of the charity,
it also serves to improve
performance and retention
of the existing workforce.
Promoting This Philosophy
as well as provide a platform
to promote the Joii
employment philosophy to
other businesses

Joii believes that employment and training are the foundations to break the cycle of poverty

For employment and training to effectively reduce poverty, jobs must be available to all members of society. Additionally, people in the work force must possess or be trained in the skills necessary to perform the work to make them employable.

Joii aims to become a significant provider of employment and training to various commercial and not for profit organisations through its own social enterprises and employment programs with a view to offering work to those who are financially struggling, in need or require training for long-term employment.

For Joii, being “vulnerable” is not just about being in poverty or crisis, we will continue to work with people until they reach a point where they are self-sufficient, and in a position to give back to others.