“John” is currently working as a machine operator at ACME Industries.

John is advised by his employer of their intention to partner with Joii People, and he now has the opportunity to continue working with ACME Industries as a Joii People employee. John has some questions about what this means for him and the process of changing employer – he is able to arrange a joint meeting with a member of the Joii People and Culture Team and the ACME HR Manager to explain what this means for him. John is advised that:

  • His current Job Description will remain unchanged.
  • John has the opportunity to access a range of employee programs as a Joii People employee including Financial Counselling, Mentoring, and referral to other Health and Community supports if required.
  • As Joii is a Public Benevolent Institution, John is able to access an FBT exemption as part of his salary package.
Joii’s Commitment to Help

John agrees to go ahead with the arrangement as a Joii People employee. John undertakes a Vulnerability Assessment where it is identified that he could benefit from Financial Counselling and Mentoring. John voluntarily agrees to participate in the financial counselling course, and after 12 months utilises Joii Homes to purchase his first property.