Case Study – for Jobseekers

Case Studies 2 min read 9th November 2021

Step 1: Jane applies for a Joii People position

Jane has seen a job ad for a position with Joii People as a Trades Assistant and decides to apply for the position. Although Jane has some previous work experience in the field, she has been out of work for over 12 months while managing a medical condition, and is struggling financially to support her two young children.

Direct hire example

Following her interview, as part of her pre-employment screening Jane undertakes a Vulnerability Assessment (VA) to determine what areas may impact on her ability to be a successful employee. The VA identifies that Jane would benefit from financial mentoring to help manager her finances and build savings for the future, as well as a referral to complimentary health and community services to assist with managing her medical conditions and support for her children.

Step 2: Jane is employed by Joii People

Jane is offered the position with Joii People and the opportunity to voluntarily participate in a range of support services to increase her chances of success.

Jane is assigned to a small team with a Line Manager who is supportive of Jane. Joii People and Culture refer Jane to a financial counselling program to help her effectively manage her finances for the future, and assign her a Mentor to assist and encourage her on her employment journey with Joii. Joii People and Culture also refer Jane to Joii Community, who put her in touch with a GP who specialises in her condition, and a local Childcare provider to care for Jane’s children while she is at work.

After 18 months in her role and successfully managing her money with the guidance of her financial counsellor, Jane is now in a position to purchase her first home. She works with Joii Homes to access a Shared Equity Housing Scheme and is able to take on a mortgage without a deposit at a level of repayment that is similar to her current rental.

Step 3: Jane is offered growth and progression

After 2 years, Jane volunteers to become a Mentor for other Joii staff to help them on their employment journey. Jane is also offered an opportunity to undertake Part –Time study alongside her job to eventually become an Accredited Certifier. Once qualified, Jane will have the opportunity to increase her income, start her own business and potentially sub contract back to Joii.

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